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Bright Livingroom

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Bright Livingroom

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The bedroom was of a great size, and although it benefitted from double wardrobes it still felt cluttered and unorganised. Both the husband and wife were busy with their work and family lives, and their own needs had fallen by the wayside. 

We focused on decluttering the wife's clothes as she had gone through a remarkable weight loss, and let go of all the clothes that no longer fitted her, or we agreed wouldn't suit her body shape.

The focus was then brought onto the accessories and styling of the room, by organising and clearing any belongings that no longer served them, and finally cleaning and styling what remained.

The end result? A relaxing and low maintenance bedroom that became the perfect sanctuary for the couple.

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The clients were fortunate to have enough space for a playroom. However, despite the best of intentions, the room itself was hardly used because the kids couldn't move around enough in there. Cue more clutter for the rest of the house, as the kids would bring their toys around the house.

Keen to organise the family's belongings more, the client asked me to help her organise and declutter the playroom.

Bit by bit we worked together and let go of a lot of toys; duplicate sets, outgrown sets and sets that had never even been opened!


The end result was phenomenal - the kids adored their new space straight away, and, I'm told, ran in and played in their new-look playroom for the rest of the day!

Through the use of sectioning off different areas of the room now, the kids knew exactly what corner togo to for dressing up, for reading a book, and for getting out the toy dinosaurs. It was imperative that the organisation system would work for the kids just as well as it had done for us grown ups, to make the client's load lighter.

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Alison hadn’t had an easy few years. Life had happened TO her, rather than FOR her. With increasing demands of her and of her time, the master bedroom was neglected and cluttered. Not only did we work to clear the clutter, but I encouraged Alison to bring light in to the room, let go of things that no longer served her, and, upon discovering her artistic talent, encouraged her to put up her art pieces within her home instead of hiding under piles of clutter.


The result? A relaxing and inviting space that Alison immediately got excited about caring for, so that she could continue to develop the sanctuary she so well deserved.


I loved working with Alison to reaffirm her own sense of self-worth and importance, something I’m sure many of us can relate to. It’s far too easy to put our own needs by the wayside when life gets tough. But I sleep better at night knowing I can help lovely people like Alison sleep better too.

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Jeanine was a woman of many talents, and as a working single mum of two children she often struggled to have enough time to organise her home.

While working on the kitchen we managed to assess what was important to keep, what could be stored better elsewhere in the house, and came up with strategies to prevent piles from returning in the future.

The end result was a lovely spacious feel to the kitchen, with a fresh vibe and space for creativity.

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Guest Room

The guest room had, like many others, become a room where things that had no other place would get put, aka the Dumping Ground.

The clients were expecting guests in the coming days, and rather than putting the items into another room / nook / cranny, they decided to call me in to help.

We assessed what was being kept, and for what reason, before we agreed on what could be let go of. 

The result?

A relaxing, spacious guest room ideal for guests. And, as it was organised nicely it was also a lot easier to keep clean!

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The property was undergoing a large refurbishment project, and the client was concerned that she was unable to relax very much.

We explored decluttering processes, as well as different colours, textures and layouts for the furniture in her room.

In the end, the client was able to feel like her bedroom had become her sanctuary once again, and couldn't have been happier with the result!

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Spare Room

The client had inherited numerous family heirlooms and general belongings and was keen to declutter as best she could, but the sheer volume was too overwhelming to even know where to begin.

We worked together for a full 8 hours decluttering, donating, recycling and preparing for sale to lead to the end result, being a much more manageable collection of belongings for the client to go through in her own time.

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