Decluttering Services

Does this sound familiar?

  • I’ve nothing to wear, but my wardrobes are full

  • I struggle to relax in my own home

  • I get demoralised when I tidy as I don’t know where to begin

  • I have so much I feel obligated to keep as family heirlooms or gifts

  • No matter how much I try to plan my day, I never feel I’ve got enough time

  • If I get rid of something, what will happen? Will my loved ones hate me? Is it easier to keep it and pass on to my children for them to decide on? What if I need the item in six months? How will I know if I don't hold onto it?

“Yes... But how did you know this?”

You've got a chronic case of.... *cue Jaws music*




The cure?

Clearing it!


What is Clutter clearance:

The process of letting go of things that no longer serve you.

How decluttering works:

By following William Morris' quote of "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" all that remains will be what makes your heart sing!

We will work at a pace to suit you, with no pressure, no guilt, no expectations, just kindness and support.

Why declutter:

​It will:

  • Free up time

  • Free up space

  • Save money

  • Look after yourself and loved ones

Who would benefit from decluttering:

Those who are:

  • recovering from illness

  • struggling with anxiety and depression

  • looking to move home

  • have lost a loved one

  • have had a new addition to the family

How shall we work together?


  • 4 hour session working alongside you, helping to motivate, support and energise you throughout by sharing my decluttering knowledge, organising know-how and storage savvy

  • Any items we've agreed for you to declutter can be removed there and then. 

  • We will cover how best to organise your belongings, and to create healthy organising patterns to prevent clutter from reappearing.


  • Suitable for UK and non-UK residents

  • Perfect if you're after accountability

  • Bookable as one-hour sessions

  • Step-by-step instructions on the decluttering process

  • Includes a written-up to-do list on the "next steps" after the call


  • Perfect if you are on a tight budget, or prefer to work by yourself

  • Complete an in-depth questionnaire to help me understand what your clutter problems are in a specific area in your home or life

  • Within seven working days you’ll receive an actionable to-do list with motivational hints and tips to follow to help you reach your clutter-free dream!


  • Bookable for 2-hour sessions to make the most of our time together

  • Provided in the comfort of your own home

  • Home admin

  • Document organising

  • Diary management

  • Clothes organising


  • Free email course​

  • Get seven days worth of great content and motivation sent directly to your inbox


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