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Bright Livingroom
Bright Livingroom
Bright Livingroom

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Bedroom Home Stage

The master bedroom although of a good size suffered with clutter and too much furniture - the family's youngest child was still a baby so would sleep in the same room as the parents. However, for the sake of staging the bedroom we agreed to remove the co-sleeping cot and other baby-related paraphernalia, to focus on dressing the space well.

The bedside tables were placed either side of the bed and received matching lights to create a sense of harmony. 

A storage chest was placed on the dressing area for the wife to put her belongings into as extra storage, and the curtains got some new tie-backs to dress the windows nicely.

The finished look? A sophisticated and relaxing space, with feminine touches.


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Home Stage


It was clear that the family was outgrowing their current home, and that was putting potential buyers off. By using the storage available in the bookcase and by putting the books into colour and size order, it created a sense of harmony and easy on the eye.

Quirky accents were created using the existing accessories, and the room was heavily decluttered.

The end result was a light, bright and airy nursery that felt spacious and inviting.

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Living Room Home Stage


The living room was suffering a huge identity crisis. As the first room you saw upon entering the property, it needed to feel open and inviting, while also functioning as a dining room, living room and play room. 

By using decluttering techniques and dressing the spaces well, the room got the end result we were hoping for, and for prospective buyers it was love at first sight!

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