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Bright Livingroom
Bright Livingroom
Bright Livingroom


Bright Livingroom

Dining Room

Bright Livingroom

Living Room

Bright Livingroom
Bright Livingroom

Family Room

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Bedroom redesign

The property in question was entirely vacant with no idea of how any previous owners had accessorised or furnished it - a true blank canvas.

Through introducing a feature wallpaper in greens to create a relaxing feel, but with gold tones to create a feeling of luxury and opulence, the rest of the bedroom scheme incorporated around that.

White walls, cream carpet and strong wooden classic-contemporary furniture was sourced. The icing on the cake was the bedspread and matching cushions, as well as the ceiling light fitting - this was a chandelier that even the very masculine husband was happy with!

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Nursery creation

The guest room needed to be transformed from a "dumping ground" / occasional guest room to the new nursery.

By working through clutter clearance methods, organising the remaining belongings, and adding customised hand-made accessories, the new nursery became a haven for the newest addition to the family.

Lost in the sea of nursery furniture choice?


Bathroom redesign

Although functional, the bathroom had become a little tired looking. With another baby on the way, it was imperative that the family's bathroom had a shower installed for the bath.


Due to the shape of the room and the varying ceiling height, a good spot to fit the shower unit was a struggle. In the end, it was decided that building a stud wall would be the best solution.

This way the bath could have a swinging shower door installed and be wider at the foot end of the tub.


By choosing a deeper-than-average tub, it made baths feel more luxurious for the future, and the stud wall that had the shower fittings attached proved to create a relaxing cocooning and enveloping effect, perfect to soak your troubles away.