How to make your bedroom romantic with Feng Shui

February 10, 2016

Hello my lovelies!

I'm back from my hiatus, and it's great to have you with me :)

In the past I've had interviews and features on the blog - lovely Maj Wismann contacted me and asked if she could do a guest post.

"Why the hell not?" I thought!

So, without further ado, sit back and enjoy :)

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This guide will teach you what Feng Shui is and how you can create a romantic bedroom using the Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui is an old Chinese philosophy which is based on Chi. Chi is the energy flow you find in a room, a house or in an area like your bedroom. Chi is established by how you decorate, the shape of your room, the individual pieces of furniture as well as the energy the things in your room exude.

We’ve all had an experience of entering a room and instantly like the feel of it as well as having walked into a room wanting to leave straight away because it didn’t make us feel comfortable. This is Chi.

Basically, the point is that your energy depends on how you feel in the room you’re in. If we aren’t feeling well we can obviously try to work on making ourselves better but we can also benefit greatly from taking a look at how we are affected by the environment we’re in, i.e. our interior decorations.

And who doesn’t want an attractive and romantic bedroom where you feel like spending all day (not because you’re depressed and want to crawl under the duvet ;-) ) but because it’s just a really nice room to be in!

I sure do!

When we moved into our big dream home last winter and had to decorate our bedroom (romantically decorated of course – yes, I insisted), I did keep the Feng Shui principles in the back of my mind. Not because I’m fanatic about it, not at all actually but simply because these principles just make really good sense on a very practical level.

And if it is really sensible and down-to-earth, you can count me in!


My 4 most important tips to decorate your bedroom using Feng Shui


Whether you’re into Feng Shui or not, mess just isn’t cool. Mess makes us feel guilty; the thought of “I should really tidy this place up” will only disturb your inner peace as you enter the room. The bedroom is meant for sleeping and relaxation and this is why you need to be aware of not having things in your bedroom that actually doesn’t belong there. The first step would therefore be to remove all the things which hasn’t got anything to do with relaxation, sleeping or waking up.

Spend an afternoon tidying up and throwing things out. I’ll bet you that you’re storing a lot of things you don’t actual use anyway. Clothes you haven’t worn for years etc., etc. Spend some time clearing out all this stuff and give it away to charity. You’ll be surprised by how much you can actually get rid off; things you never even use anyway. I find myself being baffled by it every time, anyway!

Please make sure to tidy up any unnecessary clutter and avoid having things on top of your wardrobe or under your bed. It’s very ‘in’ to have beds with built-in storage underneath but try to avoid using this. You need space above your wardrobe and under your bed. Not storing anything in these places will create a more harmonic room and it will make your eye and your mind quiet down.


Your bed:

You need to place your bed so that when you lie down in it, you can still see the door. A nice, soft and protective headboard would be preferable too. It’s both practical and nice to look at and in most cases it’ll also give the bed a greater visual place in the room.

Of course, a bed isn’t just a bed and you need to be very comfortable when you’re in it. Make sure your mattress fits you and your body’s needs. The same goes for your duvets and your pillows. Choose nice materials that feel nice to lie down in. If it feels good and looks wonderful, you’re well on your way.

Because Feng Shui is based on decorating using nature’s energy flow (Feng Shui means wind and water), it makes sense to mainly have natural materials in your bedroom. This isn’t always a possibility but try to have a little think about where using natural materials would make sense for you.

And just a quick tip from a busy housewife: As you get up in the morning, flip open your duvets to let the mattress and duvets “air out”. Then make the bed as one of the last things before leaving the house.

To come home from work and enter a bedroom where your bed is made and looking all lovely and inviting is SUCH a great feeling and creates a wonderful energy. It won’t take you more than 3 minutes to make your bed in the morning, so really try to make time for these little decorating hacks. You’ll love it!



When you’re in your bed, you have to make sure that your view is nice and comfortable as you get out of bed. I realise that this might be a challenge if you live in the city and your bedroom window faces the street but a view is a lot of other things too!

You might have a lovely looking dresser you’ve done up yourself and placed things on top which make you feel good. You might have some nice art on the wall or maybe even a little ‘altar’ with candles and a Buddha statue. Anything that makes you feel good will work!

The most important thing is that when you open your eyes in the morning, you start your day off by looking at something nice.

Metal, steel and glass, including mirrors, aren’t preferable in your bedroom. These things will mostly send out a cold energy. Natural materials, round shapes and edges will create warmth and softness.

If you do need a mirror (most people do), then just make sure you can’t see yourself in the mirror when you’re lying in bed.

But Maj, what am I supposed to put above my bed? I normally have a bookshelf filled with mess and books.

You want to try to avoid shelves and photos above your bed. If you think the wall looks to bare, you can perhaps put a little meme up on the wall. One of my good friends put up a meme above her bed the other day, saying “Always kiss me goodnight”.

A Japanese study shows that couples with a TV in their bedroom are 80% less sexually active than couples with no TV in their bedroom. I’m sure we can agree that the numbers speak for themselves; don’t have a TV in your bedroom.

Again, ask yourself if a TV has got anything to do with relaxation and sleep. It doesn’t. You might relax your body when you watch TV but nevertheless, it’s entertainment and entertainment is not relaxing. If you can’t live without a TV in your bedroom, then make sure to cover it up when you don’t use it. The same thing goes for any other electronic equipment like smartphones or tablets.

When you put up little knick-knacks such as candle holders, photos and other things you love, make sure that they’re placed close together. Firstly, it looks good and secondly, placing these things far apart is seen to symbolise distance in your relationship.

If you like putting things on your wall or on your dresser, make sure to think ‘love’ and ‘romance’ as you do so. It might be a photo of the two of you together, maybe an abstract painting symbolising love or a third thing. What’s important is that it should evoke loving feelings in you when looking at them.



As I mentioned earlier, make sure to make your bed every morning and maybe put a beautiful bedspread on your bed and some lovely pillows. It does make a huge difference entering a room where the bed looks inviting and is not just a big mess.

Talking about mood, you can really use your senses. Does it look nice and comfortable? Does it smell nice? Does it feel nice? The mood is also affected by light and if you have the option of installing a dimmer in your bedroom, to control the light yourself, I’ll recommend you to do that.

Fresh, beautiful and romantic flowers will also aid in creating a nice mood and a good energy. The same thing goes for candles. Do make sure to crack open a window every now and then if you light your candles before you go to bed.

If you are able to, I’ll also recommend you to hang your duvets outside from time to time. A couple of freshly aired duvets will affect your senses positively too.


Have fun with it!

Maj Wismann, Hopeless Romantic, Couple’s Therapist and Sexologist




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