Why I love being an interior designer

May 3, 2016



Hello, darling!

Long time no speak.

I know, I know, I've only had myself to blame. Call it creative block, call it writer's block. But it's interesting that it seems to happen each winter, don't you think? (Hint: Husband, let's move somewhere warmer!)

The part I'm going to cover in this post is pretty lengthy, so do make sure you're sitting comfortably, preferably with something nice to eat and drink..


In the past few months, I've really been working on gaining exposure. I've been featured in Cambridge Evening News' paper twice (go me!) and I've had a couple of wonderful clients. 2016 really has started off with a bang, and I've been so incredibly blessed.

But, along the way, as often can happen, I've got side tracked.

As much as I've tried to focus on working with my ideal clients, and being true to myself and who I am, I've ended up being influenced by others. Going to networking events that haven't been of any benefit to me, although I'm grateful that I've attended to test the waters - I'd rather live my life with "wow wasn't that a nightmare!" than thoughts of "What if I'd pursued x y and z opportunity?"

In the last week, during the Easter holidays with TBT I've had (some!) time to think. (I say SOME, because, hello! Preschooler?) and I've realised more and more what my mission in life is.


To be an interior designer that changes lives.

Simple as that!

Does it make me sound cocky? Quite frankly, I don't care.

My designs are never going to be the most ostentatious, most expensive, or most "out there" in terms of style. I'm not going to aim to become the William Morris of our time.

I'm going to work with you. Alongside you. And guide you. Show you how you can make changes to your home that will make it go from <sigh> to <silence>.

Don't know what I mean by that?

Let me put it another way.


Our brains are forever busy, thinking, working, observing, absorbing. All our five senses are continuously stimulated every day.

Do you ever get home from work and find that you're exhausted beyond all recognition, but your brain still won't let you switch off? Maybe it's the pile of junkmail on the staircase, or the stain on the carpet you still haven't sorted out, or the wine glasses left on the coffee table from last night as you tried to silence your mind after a long stressful day at work.

Maybe it's the volume of toys and complete carnage after a day with the kids.

Maybe it's neither of these, or both at the same time.


Do you know something?

  • You're worthy of silence.

  • You're worthy of stillness.

  • You're worthy of relaxation.

  • You're worthy of feeling content.


How exactly does my home contribute to that I hear you ask?

Darling, it's simple.

  • When you're not surrounded by overflowing toy boxes, you relax.

  • When you're sitting on comfortable seating, you relax.

  • When you feel soft and comfortable fabrics, you relax.

  • When the walls have soothing colours, you relax.

  • When you're surrounded by belongings that make your heart sing, you smile. And then relax.

That's why I do what I do.

That's why I'm an interior designer.




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