10 reasons why you should hire an interior designer

April 30, 2018

Hey all! After a little (read: like, over a year!) hiatus I thought I'd get back in the blogging game again. <stretches out> it's been waaaay too long, hasn't it? Grab a cuppa, let's get going.


So, many people when I tell them what I do for a living say: "Oh wow, that sounds amazing. I wish I could afford your help, but I really can't."


Are you sure? Let me list some of the ways in which I can help:


Help you focus on your home

Far too often, life gets busy, family needs you, work is demanding, friends need socialising. So, your home that you moved into years ago still has that magnolia colour on the walls, and the hand-me-down furniture you promised yourselves you'd get rid of "in the next year".
After all, they were only there to see you through, and would give you time to focus on getting the right items. Fast-forward to now, and the same uncomfortable bed is what you sleep in, and the falling-apart-sofa is still the one you sit in. No wonder you wake up with a bad back in the morning, eh?
My clients I often find start to think about their home in a different way, and spend some time really focusing on what they like and don't like about their home after our initial consultations. It's always really exciting to see my clients on their journey!

Try before you buy


We've all done it, haven't we? Seen something online, thought, "oooh that looks nice!", ordered it, got it home and realised IT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVERRRRR!
The beauty of using a designer means they'll be able to get the item for you to look at in situ without any obligation to buy. Whether it's finding the perfect fabric, floor tile or wall colour, I always make sure I will be able to provide you with countless options.

Your space gets thoroughly planned out

Your designer will, after taking the brief, take measurements and go away to draw a floor plan. This is, essentially, a top-down view of your room, and may reflect how the space is currently used. The designer will then make suggestions of any relevant changes by showing them on the floor plan, which helps you visualise the space completed. I always make sure I consider the best way of designing the room; is it going to need access from several entrances? Will it be a high-traffic room


Access to one-of-a-kind pieces

It's up to the designer to bring the vision to life. By using their contacts and suppliers that may well only deal in trade only, they'll be able to not only get you great quality pieces, but potentially for a lower cost than you'd expect. After all, by dealing directly with the supplier, the designer cuts out the high street and the overhead costs incurred.

 Time saving

Wouldn't you rather spend your evenings and weekends making the most of your time together and the beautiful home you're in, rather than going to DIY store after high street retailer looking for inspiration that end up causing arguments? When I work for my clients, it's up to me to do the research and only present you with the completed scheme and ideas for you to look through and pass your comments on.


Add value to your home

A well-designed and decorated home will always retain and increase its value over a home that's "just alright". After all, don't we all enjoy a good pootle round show homes from time to time?  I'm not saying of course you should live as if you're in a show home, but compare an empty room with four simple plain walls to a room with colour, textures, layers and lighting? Incomparable. I always make sure I help my clients think about the long-and short-term in their home, so that they can make decisions accordingly; whether it's home staging so the house will sell quickly, or a more long-lasting design that's going to stand the test of time.


Let someone else worry about it

How many times have you laid awake at night worrying about whether the sofa you're looking to buy is too big, or the bookcase you like the look of is going to be too tall and impractical. What about implementing all of your design ideas, how on earth do you know which tradespeople to go for? It's a minefield and all it takes is choosing a rogue trader and they will make your home a hell. I always make sure I vet the tradespeople, project manage any of the works to be done, and keep on top of both the delivery and implementation of the design so that any niggles that come along (of which there are bound to be some, we're only human after all!) will be taken care of as soon as possible preventing delay.



Money saving

As mentioned above, by not spending money on items that end up being the wrong ones, saving you money through time (do the math - how much time are you spending on your project? Times that by your (and your partner's) hourly rate and you'll get a big fat scary figure!), and getting access to furniture and furnishings that are trade-only, the savings you can make are phenomenal. For my clients, I charge an hourly rate and commission based on purchases, however I always endeavour to be 100% transparent with my clients so they can see what they're spending their hard earned money on.

Saves your sanity

You don't have to stand in IKEA and argue over the size of the bookcase the hallway allows.You don't have to drag your other half around yet another sofa shop disagreeing over whether to have scatter cushions or back cushions.
You don't have to spend your evenings and weekends staring at Pinterest and Houzz for idea books, and then wonder how to find all the furniture you like.
You don't have to order tester pot after tester pot of paint only to be disappointed as the colour is still not "quite right".
I love meeting up for consultations with my clients. We always have a laugh and a giggle over a cuppa (milk and one, please!), and I love seeing the excitement beaming from their faces as they see my designs; I help them re-ignite the fire in their bellies they thought was long gone.


So, are you sure you can afford not to use a designer now? What if I told you that I offer a 60 minute consultation to local clients, and Skype clients alike? Let's chat. Click here to find out more about my services, and how to book.

After all, what have you got to lose? An hour that you would most likely be sitting looking for inspiration?



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