Ten things to consider before buying a sofa

May 2, 2018

So your old sofa is looking less than happy. It gives you a numb bum and a sore back just by looking at it. Before you head out to the local sofa shop that has a (never ending) sale (you know the one!) make sure you do the following:

1. Make sure the current room layout is the most effective use of the space 

create templates of other pieces of furniture you have and a floor plan of the space. Take into account doors and windows, as you wouldn't want the bookcase or TV right in front of the window, would you?



2. Measure the space for it

There is literally no way for you to know with 100% certainty if a sofa will fit your home if you don't know the measurements of the space you need it to fit into

3. Do Your Research!

If you can't afford the sofa outright but only on credit, don't be fooled that only certain national brands offer sofas on credit. Make sure you only apply for credit with 0% interest finance lenders if you choose to go down that route. Your bum is more important than a banker’s. Their back pocket, that is..

4. Consider colours, fabrics and finishes

Are you after a neutral coloured sofa? Or maybe a splash of colour? What about the thread count, how long lasting do you want it to be? And are you ok with the fabric starting to have that “worn” look? Same goes for leather finishes. Do you want full back or scatter-back cushions?

5. Consider how you currently use the sofa

Is it only to sit up straight with both legs on the floor, or are you the type to slouch back a bit? Maybe you (like me) like to tuck your legs up, does it have enough room in the seat for you to do that? Perhaps you like a snooze on it at weekends, then you need to think about the arm rest heights too. Getting a sofa shouldn't mean a change in lifestyle!

6. Consider who uses it

Is it just you and your partner, or do you have kids that are likely to jump up and down in it? What about pets? Think about fur shedding, as well as claw marks..

7. Go visit different show rooms

Don't be sucked into buying a sofa there and then, but enquire about the ones you're interested in, and ask for fabric samples. Any decent retailer should offer fabric samples free of charge; if online expect to pay for the postage only. Make sure you only look at sofas that will fit the measurements you've previously figured out, too!

8. Bring the samples home

and look at them in the space you'd have them in. You'd be surprised at how different a “simple neutral colour” can look in your own home. Does it go well with the wall colour? The surrounding furniture? Does it absorb the light of the room, making the room seem very dark, or does it make the room feel spacious?


9. Consider what look you're trying to achieve.
When you're happy with the fabric samples, go back to the shops that you've looked in and test out the sofa. Is it comfortable? Does it seem to be long-lasting and durable? Is it within budget? Can you have your weekend naps on it comfortably? If it's a sofa-bed, ask to see it set up as a bed, so you can see how easy / difficult it is to fold out, and what the mattress quality is like.

10. Consider the cushions 

feather-filled cushions will need occasional plumping, but foam filled cushions will need regular re-shaping (ideally after every use in my experience). Failing to plump or re-shape the cushions will shorten the life of your cushions, and will mean the overall look of the sofa changes.


Still unsure?

Why not book a consultation with me, and we can discuss options. Did you know that I can create a bespoke shopping day, where you and I go out to specific shops and I show you my top furniture finds?

Click here to get in touch and find out more. 

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