Eight ways to revamp your bedroom

May 6, 2018

It’s time to focus on YOU and the sacred space that is your bedroom. You know the style doesn’t suit you anymore, but where to begin? Here are my top ten tips to make sure your bedroom becomes the sanctuary you deserve to ensure a restful night’s sleep

1. Declutter (oh come on, you knew I was going to say that right?)


Anything that no longer serves you, whether clothing, furniture, jewellery, makeup, books, magazines, you name it - out it goes! If you need decluttering advice, sign up to my clutter clearance freebie 7 day course here.

  • DID YOU KNOW : most rooms around us have over 2,000 belongings. Two thousand. Each one craving your attention and drawing your eye to it. Of course you’re not going to feel relaxed then!




2. Clean, clean, clean!


Only when the dust mites are all gone from the skirting boards behind the bed will you be able to experience the room in all its glory. Not only does it encourage a fresh Qi flow, but it can help with respiratory conditions as well. If you have bedroom carpet, consider hiring a carpet cleaner to blitz it and reinvigorate it.
Wash all the bedding, and hoover the mattress. That goes for pillows and duvet, too.

3. Consider the following:

  • what is the desired look of the bedroom?

  • Are you wanting serene and spacious (going for the “cooler” colours such as blues, greens and purples), or intimate and romantic (going for the “warmer” colours such as reds and oranges)?

  • How much natural light does it get?

    • Will you need to boost the light supply with strong ceiling lights, or do the windows flood the room efficiently?

  • What, aside from sleeping (both kinds!) will you be doing?

    • Is it also a place for you to work from home?

    • Make sure you have enough storage for the activities you do so that it can all be tidied away neatly after a long day, maximising the sleep time and quality of sleep you can get.

4. How’s the bed?


Is it a bit creaky and uncomfortable, or does it fit you well in all the right places? To maximise your chances of a well-rested night, consider upgrading your mattress and bed frame.

5. For a harmonious bedroom look


try to get the bedroom to be a mirror image on each side of the room. If you’ve got a chest of drawers and bedside table with a light on the left side of the bed, then have the same on the other side of the bed.

6. Incorporate flexible and soft lighting wherever possible.


I personally love my Lumie light, as it not only works as a dawn/dusk simulator (perfect to keep the SAD away, something I always struggle with in the winter months) but it’s perfect if you want a soft light on briefly before you snuggle down under the covers for a well-deserved snooze.


7. Use as many natural materials as you can.


Wood furniture, linen and cotton bedding, feather pillows and duvets.. you get the picture.


8. Make sure the bedroom is well ventilated 

Even in the winter months I try to have the window slightly open to make sure there’s fresh air coming in all night, as otherwise it can end up as a germ fest!


Once you've gone through all of those steps, and you're still feeling a bit unsure? Let's chat.

Either click here to send me an email and tell me what your concerns are, perhaps I can come up with a customised package for you?

Alternatively, click here for my interior design packages. Of course, do note that they're all able to be tailor-made for what you need!


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