I haven't got anything to wear, yet my wardrobe is overflowing.

May 9, 2018


    “I can’t find anything to wear”

  • “I don’t want to get rid of x until I’ve lost the weight"

  • "I spent a lot of money on it"

  • "It was a gift from someone and has sentimental value.”

  • “Where have all my favourite clothes gone?”


Does this sound familiar?


You’re in clutter overwhelm.


As children, it was acceptable not to wear clothes that no longer fitted you, no matter how much they cost or how much you loved them.

People today have a problem that is two-fold:

  • We’re not meant to get rid of anything that’s still useful (as a hangover from the “Make Do and Mend” generation's mentality post-world wars

  • Thanks to late night shopping, and online ordering, shopping is more accessible than ever. Those times that you feel your perfect outfit is missing a little something, it’s available at your fingertips (literally)

So, while we are encouraged to keep a hold of all our clothes, new ones are too accessible!


How can you remedy this?


Give yourself permission to declutter.


Here are my top 5 tips to decluttering your clothes:

  • Keep William Morris’ quote in mind - Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. Pick up each item at a time, and if the item doesn’t fit the criteria of either useful or beautiful, it goes.

  • Any items that don’t fit you in your current size, flattering you and fitting well as you are, they go.

  • Any items that are broken, faded or look worn, go.

  • Any items that you can’t imagine wearing in the next six months, go.

  • Any items that were gifted to you, or you bought for a pretty penny - if they don’t fit you, they go


Do you struggle to declutter your clothes? Book a consultation by clicking here with me today to explore how I can help you surround yourself with clothes that will fit perfectly, and make you feel your best at all times.


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