A room full of treasures

July 11, 2018

At the end of June I had the absolute honour of being invited up to Manchester for the day to help a long-time follower of mine to declutter.


Some of you may think I was crazy for travelling that far, but, for those of you that know me, you'll know that for me it's about the connection I have with my clients rather than the ease.


And, let's face it - if I was going to be doing an easy job, it wouldn't be decluttering! Especially with the recent heat wave we've been having. And the weight of the boxes I carried.. Definitely put my recent weight lifting to good use! 

Now, to give you some background information:


Kathryn first contacted me about wanting some advice on how to declutter; she was able to keep an eye on the clutter in her own home, but she had a lot of inherited belongings from a family member in storage, and she didn't know where to start!


We had previously discussed working together over Skype, in my decluttering membership group, but I decided to offer her something unique - I offered to come see her in person and work alongside her to declutter the belongings once and for all! Good thing I did, too, as she and her husband had decided that the storage unit was too expensive to maintain and had subsequently moved all the belongings into the spare room in their lovely home! 


Kathryn and I agreed to work together for eight hours decluttering and clearing the belongings, and here are the results:





Just walking into the space was overwhelming. I could see how important this was to Kathryn, as not only did she feel like her life was on hold until she sorted out the room once and for all, but there was also a lot of emotion tied to the belongings. Most importantly, she was in search of a very special treasure - her late grandmother's wedding ring which she hoped would be among the boxes.


Slowly, but surely, we began to go through each item in turn. 


I have to hand it to her, Kathryn worked so hard. She was utterly ruthless, and belongings that I know previous clients would have kept for the sentimental value, usefulness, value, or other reason, she simply said "I've got no use or space for it, even if it belonged to someone dear to me". Honestly, the girl worked like a juggernaut!


By 2pm we had gone through every item within the room, and made one of the following decisions for each:

  • Keep

  • Leave for Kathryn to go through in her own time (old paperwork, school work, items of sentimental value)

  • Pass on to family members

  • Donate

  • Recycle

  • Sell

By this point we were ready to start doing runs to the recycling centre and charity shop of Kathryn's choice, both of which being less than 5 minutes away from her home. 


At 4pm we had cleared out everything we'd agreed on from the home, and I was ready to start making my journey back to the Smiths... but not before I took some further pictures to show you readers exactly what we achieved:







 The only things that now remained were:

  • husband's work equipment

  • things to sell

  • things to keep for herself

  • paperwork for her to go through in her own time

  • boxes of VHS tapes to find a new home for

The only thing that remained to find out was - did she find her grandmother's ring?


Yes. Yes she did.

This is why I do what I do.


Man, I love my job.


I'm not crying, you're crying!!

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