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August 28, 2018

Hi lovely reader!


I'm pleased to announce my BRAND SPANKING NEW offering! 


It's a really simple product which I know you'll love.

You know why? Because it:

  • is budget friendly

  • is flexible

  • has no time constraints

So, what is it, I hear you yell?


Your very own Clutter Busting analysis!


On a tight budget? No problem! This product has a fantastic low-price initial rate that I know you'll love!

Tight on time? This one has no time limit!

Rather declutter by yourself in your own time? Perfect!

For a mere £9.97 you will receive a questionnaire to complete, where I will also ask you for photos of the room you're wanting to declutter.













Within 5 working days you will receive a personalised guide on:

  • how to declutter the space

  • what points to consider

  • recommendations on what to do with the decluttered items

  • future-proofing ideas to ensure the clutter doesn't creep back in

  • organising the remaining belongings

Simple, isn't it?


Essentially, you'll get my services but have the benefit of receiving it to your inbox so that you can process everything in your own time.

Still unsure? 


How about some testimonials from previous clients to convince you:


Suzzy was incredibly supportive and made me think through exactly why I wanted to keep things and really helped me make sensible decisions. She made sure I had regular breaks if I was finding it tricky to decide and she continued to sort and organise whilst I stepped out to make a cuppa !! Suzzy has lots of great ideas and able to see through a problem and find a workable solution.

It's lovely working with Suzzy in person. Even my husband who was super worried about it said it wasn't as bad as he thought. ;-)

She totally focused/worked on what we had asked for help with and never said a word about the rest of the disaster in our house. ;-) She pushes you a bit (which is good and why you hire her) but in a very respectful way. If you say you want to keep something and have a reason - no matter how silly you think that reason might seem to an outsider - she never pushed us if we said something held importance for us.

I would highly recommend working with Suzzy - it has helped us moving forward as well although we're definitely not as fast as when she was there. ;-)

Now, how about dropping me a line and have a chat about what your needs are? Drop me an email here.


Ready to go ahead and order? Click my bestie, the Paypal button, right here:



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August 28, 2018

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