I missed another appointment again!

May 7, 2018

Is this you? Do you feel like you’re letting friends and family down? Do you ever get calls

saying “Where are you” / “what happened to you” / “HOW COULD YOU FORGET?!”



Chances are it’s never with a malicious intention that this happens, but it’s often very easy to get lead astray when it comes to our personal timings. For example, how often do you speak to your mum promising to come visit soon, while cooking dinner, and ordering something online?


Sometimes, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.




The way society is moving nowadays we’re expected to be accessible 24/7 (a large proportion of millennials will admit to sleeping with their mobile devices, and never letting them go, and we expect the same of everyone else. How often have you been unable to sleep at night, so you do your online food shop, order something on eBay (that you promptly forget about ordering) and book yourself a massage.


But - you forget to add the bookings to your calendar.


  • Your food shop delivery texts you a reminder within the delivery wndow, and you panic about getting home on time.

  • The eBay purchase arrives, and you curse yourself as you’d completely forgotten ordering it, so had already bought another version of the same thing. You wonder whether they accept returns based on sheer mindlessness.

  • Your massage, although much needed, doesn’t happen.


So, what can you do?


Here are my suggestions to a healthier and more relaxed life:

  1. Use a calendar. Whether it’s your phone (making sure you set up alerts for appropriate times, e.g. an hour before, a day before, and at the time of the appointment) or a personal organiser, make sure you become ruthless at using it. If you’re in a household, consider using a family planner, noting when your daughter has her dental checkup, and your son’s got a friend’s birthday party. Being able to organise your life this way not only provides clarity for the people around you, but also helps you to feel more organised.

  2. Say no to requests you can’t fit in. That may sound straightforward, but it’ll be harder than you think. How easy will it be to say no to running that extra errand for your friend? Saying no to seeing your mum? Saying no to do that teeny-weeny favour that you know will take longer than you’d hoped?

  3. Use your phone’s bedtime timers. Most smartphones on the market currently can help you settle down to sleep. Set the alarm for a reasonable hour, e.g. 10pm, and aim to get to bed for then.

  4. Turn off your electronics when it comes to bedtime, or leave them in a different room.

  5. Schedule time to unwind. E.g. Early Night Wednesday, Fun Friday, Schlepping Saturday, etc.


Hopefully you’ll find these hints and tips useful. If you’d like some more advice, why not schedule an appointment to discuss how to help you relax better? Book today by clicking here! Or, send me an email with your concern by clicking here.


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