How did I not realise that we already had two jars of gherkins?

May 11, 2018

Do you find your fridge full of condiments such as gherkins that you use sporadically? And yet, when you try to fit your groceries into the fridge there’s not enough room?


Sounds like you need to reorganise your fridge, and your meals!



The trouble about cooking is that sometimes you end up using only one or two of the ingredients, when they come in large jars. Gherkins being a perfect example.


Did you know, that by meal planning well you’ll not only be able to save space, but also time, and money?


Here are my top 5 tips for decluttering your eating habits:

  1. Make an inventory of everything you have in the food cupboards and fridge/freezer

  2. Take a look at your schedule, and be honest about what meals you think you can cook in the week. Working late on Wednesday? Either pre-cook a meal the day before that you can reheat, put some meat in the slow cooker in the day, or allow yourself a cheeky fish & chips courtesy of the freezer.

  3. Draw up a schedule of what you’d like to eat. Make a note of all the snacks as well, whether a healthy yogurt or piece of fruit, or a cheeky ice cream or chocolate bar.

  4. Compare what you’ve got in the cupboards to what you’re hoping to make. Make a note of the missing ingredients, and be strict! Don’t deviate from that list!

  5. Go food shopping. If you don’t enjoy going to the shop, do it online. If you enjoy a stroll around and picking your own items, make sure you go when you’re fed and watered - if you’re hungry you’ll find yourself putting things in your trolley that aren’t on the list.


By following these steps, not only will you find that you are more aware about the contents in your fridge, but you’ll also save money (by not buying duplicates), time (by not having to pop down the shops every night to pick up the missing ingredients) and energy (perhaps by encouraging other members in the household to cook the meals too).


Struggling to figure out where to start? Why not contact me today by clicking here, or clicking here to find out what my decluttering services involve!


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